Minutes Have Been Added

I want to apologize for not getting the minutes updated to the website recently. I have uploaded the minutes from July through September to the Members Download page. If you have any questions about logging into the members side of the website, please contact me at Thank you for your patience!

Also, quick reminder, the October meeting has been moved to Saturday, October 15th, at 1200 at the EMA. We will take nominations for Officers at this meeting with the vote happening in November. We will also have a brief work session to try to finish up the radio room. I have been in there and what work that has been done looks great!

If you have any UHF coax ends that we may use for the radio shack, we could use a few. Any questions about how many ends are needed and the size of the coax we are using, please contact Doug or Jeremiah.

See you on the 15th!

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