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Wayne County Indiana Skywarn

So since I had an extended weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I decided to get the Skywarn Central cleaned up and other computers and monitors set up for the spring weather before it gets here. I have one I-com 746 setup for Dayton Skywarn 146.640 repeater and HF when needed for out-of-state contacts. The other I-Com 746 is set up for the VHF on the 147.180 KB9SJZ. So now I'm all set up for a calm weather pattern over the next few months, hopefully, and when I'm not working the 6 days and long hours on the job that helps pays for the bills and of course, all of this equipment as anyone else know being in this hobby as an Amateur Radio Operator.

Jim Scott


Wayne County Indiana Skywarn Coordinator


Facebook: Wayne County Indiana Skywarn

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