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2022 Officer Elections and Important Information


1.) 2022 Officer Elections

Nominations for officers will be taking place at the October meeting. Please note that all positions are up for election. The following is a brief description of each officer's role.

President - runs the club meetings, sets agenda, is the representative of the club to the public.

Vice President - runs the club meetings in the event of the President's absence, handles all financial transactions/records of the club

Secretary - is responsible for maintaining the club website, takes minutes at every club meeting, is responsible for all non-financial records of the club outside of VE.

If you are interested in running for any position, please be sure to attend the October meeting.

2.) 2022 Meetings

If you are interested in helping during the meeting by providing a presentation on an amateur radio-related topic, please let one of the club officers know. Please note that these presentations should last for a maximum of 30 minutes, 15-20 minutes being optimal.

Also, important information regarding next year's meetings will be discussed at the October meeting. This makes it IMPERATIVE that, if you can make it to the meeting, that you please do so.

Hope to see you all there!

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