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Please comment on this blog post to add items for sale or looking to purchase. Thank you!

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A Message from the President

Hi everyone, I wanted to take a few moments and just say thank you to all who came to the meeting today. There were so many new faces (and some old familiar ones too) that came today, I feel beyond gr

Info for March Meeting

The minutes for February are posted in the member downloads section. We are wanting to create a list of members that are able to help out with the 4th Street Fair. Even if it is a couple of hours, pl

New Meeting Time & Club Officers

If you haven't read the minutes, at the November meeting those in attendance voted for a change in the meeting time for the club. We are now meeting on the second Saturday of the month at 1200 hrs at

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Cushcraft 10-15 meter beam antenna (does have 40 meter extension)

$1000 Retail, asking $400

Seller: Buster, KG9ND

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