Veterans Day Parade

Nov 5 2022 will be the Veterans Day parade on West Main in Richmond. The route will start at NW 8th street and go to 1st street. The parade begins at 12 noon. We will meet at the corner of NW 5th and West main in the parking lot of H&R Block at 11 AM.

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The parade will be held on Saturday Nov 5 2022 at 11 am. It will be on WEST Main St in Richmond. I do not have a rally yet but I will this coming Thursday when I meet with the Parks Dept. Mike KB9ML

There will be a Statewide SET on Nov 12, 2022. There has not been a lot of info put out about it other than it will begin around 9 am. I received this on 23 Oct: INDIANA SET EXERCISE (by Noel N9CJT) N